Custom Fireplace Mantel – Winters Are Not A Dread Anymore With These Tailor Made Mantels

Custom Fireplace Mantel - Winters Are Not A Dread Anymore With These Tailor Made Mantels

Talking about the beauty of homes, one goes beyond just painting it with vibrant hues and colors. Nowadays the interior decors of the house have just become a necessity to reflect an elegant appearance for the viewers. Keeping this in mind craftsmen have come up with architecturally sound designs that gives a cuber chic look to the homes. One of the marvelous creations is custom fireplace mantels that cater to the human needs and gives an excellent product for the customer’s investment.

The traditional versus the modern custom fireplace mantels:

Traditionally fireplace mantels were used as smoke absorbs but nowadays there is a pragmatic change in its applications. Used for storage of books and equipments, placing souvenirs this has become more of a style statement for the users. Be it any type of architectural style such as Italian, Roman, Indian or French this has given rise to providing a sound atmosphere to the houses. Many materials are used to decorate a fireplace mantel like vegetables, floral designs, fruits, capitals that accentuates the style and decor of the rooms.

Uses of Custom made fireplace mantels

  • There are experiments going on regarding the custom fireplace mantels and there is huge demands in improving the interior design of the homes where fireplaces are being supported by innovative mantels that give a fascinating look to the homes. In modern homes they are used to keep candles and other pictures of the family that in turn improves the visibility of the rooms.
  • Olden fireplace mantels used to come in simple designs that give a plain look to the homes but artisans have satisfied their hunger by creating intricately designed mantels that are customized with wood, brass, ceramic and stones of different colors.
  • According to the preferences and uses one has skilled men can be hired to design the mantel one needs. Though carpenters charge exorbitant charges for customizing the fireplace mantels they are extremely beneficial if you want to give an aesthetic aura to the house.

Size of the room and how the fireplaces accentuate the internal home décor:

A room may be big or small custom-made fireplace mantels make use of the room efficiently. The design and creativity used in making the mantels makes up for a perfect calm and warm atmosphere. Custom made fireplace mantels are made with the durable, long lasting materials that do not wear off easily and are succumbed well to the harsh weather conditions. Limestone and marble mantels are durable and they are also cost-effective options for your home.

  • Highly polished and designed mantels are made that gives a stylish look to the rooms.
  • Different materials used to make the mantel are little heavy on the pocket such as limestone and installation of limestone mantels is bit difficult as compared to other material mantels. Cleaning and maintenance of limestone mantels is a bit tedious and time taking process. One if the biggest advantages of limestone mantels is the stone is an excellent stain and smoke absorber .As it gives a plain look to the rooms they are often replaced with wooden mantels.

They are made according to the customer demands:

Custom made mantels is designed according to the customer needs and can work well with any type of furniture in the house. The amount of coziness that is achieved in installing the custom-made fireplace mantels is unbelievable. The heat generated due to the fireplace lasts long and does not suffocate the rooms with the excessive heat.

Give your homes an elegant look

Custom fireplace mantels come in different colors that not only complement the interior design of the house but also add to the vibrant atmosphere of the rooms. Chilly winters are not a nightmare anymore. The can be fought with these innovative mantels that give a sophisticated look to the interiors.

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